We orchestrate unique experiences

Brunomag Concept orchestrates unique experiences for its customers through personalized software solutions. Ideas can become reality. We improve both our clients and their clients lives by accomplishing online process automation.

Ask us any question you might have.
We evaluate the volume of your inquiry.
We send you a personalized solution.
We deliver your customized product.
Our work process

Iterative and Agile by validating every step

Architect projection
We research the best solutions and create an easy-to-read implementation map, based on our customer’s needs
We implement the personalized idea through the strategy chosen and communicate during the process with our customers
Using creativity and testing scenarios, we test every part of the project with the purpose of constantly improving the product
We deliver a ready-to-use product based on our client’s inquiry
our offer

Our services

Personalized software development
We project, code and implement complex software solutions for Unicorn ideas, based on various technologies.
Workflow automation
We are obsessed with work process efficiency for making our customers lives happier and easier. We find the repetitive patterns and simplify workflow processes. By doing this, we reduce costs and accelerate the growth.
Finding the best solutions
We connect various platform with websites (software integration), interact and monitor each technical process to eliminate the weaknesses.
Solutions for the online communication gap
There is always an incongruity between clients and users. With a sharp eye for details and empathy, we solve this pattern by creating and implementing personalized apps and plugins.

What our clients think about us

The team was a joy to work with and quick, friendly with precise communication. Clean and proficient code, along with well thought out execution.Already planning future projects with them! 🙂
Stefan Did a great job for me, he was very professional and accomplished exactly what I need in a very timely manner.
The Unix course from Brunomag was excellent! Not only did I gain technical knowledge, but also a friend (in Stefan).
The course did more than just giving me useful commands, but started with the history of Linux, went over the various flavors, had some great labs and even covered scripting. Although I was only able to attend half of the classes, Stefan made sure I got the most out of it, by explaining to me all the missing information in the last day.
Great course, thanks for offering it!
Stefan delivers professional training by paying attention and being patient with the participants. He is empathetic and succeeds to communicate a comprehensive message.
I’ve had an excellent collaboration with Stefan. He understood clearly the context, all the entities implied and helped us understand and solve the issue quickly. I recommend!
Amazing work. Clear communication A+
Stefan did a great job building a new custom widget and uploading content for one of our premier clients. He is very detailed oriented, communicates well, and I would definitely considering hiring him again. Thanks Stefan!

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