Technical consulting and troubleshooting for websites


The role of this session is to analyze the situation of the website and to propose a solution.

In some cases, we may even have time to implement a solution during the consulting session.

The consulting session lasts between 2-3 hours and usually involves having access to the server on which the online store is located, to replicate the problem.

Access data involves connection information to the server administration interface, which can be accessed on the web: cPanel / Plesk / other control panels or in the console (SSH protocol).

Before this meeting, please create a backup copy of the database, files, and other information available in the online store and provide us with access to test data.

Please give us access only to a test subdomain, where there is a clone of the main site and where you have previously anonymized the personal data of your customers.

According to the terms and conditions, we will take care to keep the data confidential and not make unauthorized changes.

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