Discovery session


The discovery session follows a first contact in which a potential for collaboration was seen.
This session is a structured meeting (which can also be online), which acts as the first step in starting the collaboration.
The main role of this meeting is to have a dialogue between the parties, through which to discover, together, what are the needs / problems / opportunities for which we can find solutions.
What exactly are we going to do?

  • through a set of questions and answers, we want to get to extract the relevant information, in order to be able to propose the right solutions

  • we will determine together what growth goals you have and how we can optimally measure them

  • analyze a main process that you want to streamline, which can be in the area of ​​sales / marketing / customer service / teamwork / management

  • we will discuss how we can better systematize this process and to what extent we can partially or totally automate it

  • we will discuss IT related workflows and programming related aspects and solutions
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