What is a Task Management system?

The task management system is the space in which the company’s tasks can be managed (from one place), by any employee, thus controlling their status, priority, time and resources. This system helps to fulfill individual and collective plans. Thus, you take the first step towards using the full potential in your business.


What are the benefits of a task management system?

  • Planning – Different methodologies are used that allow the team to plan flexibly in a way that works best for your employees.
  • Centralized information – Data is accessible to any employee in the same place
  • Accurate Estimates – Estimates help your team be more accurate and efficient. You can use different approximation techniques or even your own, the task management system allows them all.
  • Prioritize – Order tasks with a simple drag and drop. You can make sure that the tasks that bring the most value to the customer are always on top.
  • Access from anywhere, anytime – Whether your team is in the same office or around the world, the task management system brings a new level of transparency to your company’s business.


When do you know you need a task management system?

Not sure about the usefulness of a task management system yet? Below we detail the situations you have probably faced so far:


  • The information regarding the employees’ activity is dispersed on several applications or is not registered at all;
  • You have no data on the evolution of projects and tasks;
  • You want to help your employees manage their work better, but you don’t know where to start
  • It is difficult for you to plan projects and prevent repetitive questions about the stages of the processes and the necessary resources;
  • Spend a lot of time in meetings discussing task details with employees;
  • You do not know which are the most important or urgent tasks.