What is an online document management system?

A cloud system allows you to create, collaborate and organize your materials in one place. This system is a team workspace that combines knowledge and collaboration. The document management system gives you the opportunity to create pages to work on any project or idea. Workspaces help your team in organizing and structuring work so that each member can have access to information about your company, information that leads to more efficient work.

Online document management systems are addressed to any company, regardless of their size or the specifics of the activity, from those based on the rigor of the tasks, to those who want to develop their organizational culture.

What are the key features of an online document management system?


Your information is added to pages – documents that you can create in the system. You can make pages for almost anything, from project plans to notes from meetings, guides, policies and more


Pages are stored in spaces – folders in which you keep your information organized. You can create as many spaces as needed for your team.

The page tree

You can order the content of the space with a hierarchical tree of pages that allows you to quickly find the information you want. It is recommended to organize the pages in related spaces

What are the benefits of an online document management system?

Real time editing

Edit the pages together at the same time and post updates that highlight changes, tracked by version history.


Make it a team effort with in-line and page comments, likes, and visual elements such as images, GIFs, and emojis.


Warn your colleagues when you label them or assign a task so that everyone can control the progress of the work.

Integrations with other systems and customizations

Customize your online document management system with hundreds of applications that include diagrams, themes, and workflow management solutions, all for your team’s needs.