Our clients

Complete services to improve your company's performance

On business processes, setting goals,
performing procedures and workflows.
For the staff involved in using the systems
on a regular basis.
System installation and configuration
according to your business' needs.
Improved workflows.
Throughout the project.

Keep your business moving

Eliminate inefficient processes that waste time and money.
Implement dedicated information systems and find answers regarding costs and profit.
Organize your tasks clearly and efficiently.
Keep your employees happy in a stress-free workplace.
Keep top management updated about team and project performance.
Help your employees stand out and advance in their career.

Personalized services

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System
  • Increases sales proactively
  • Collects and analyzes data about potential and existing customers
  • Builds long-term customer loyalty
  • Offers a personalized experience
  • Helps the whole team make customers feel appreciated and satisfied
Task Management System
  • Follows the evolution of the work tasks you have to perform
  • Organizes and shares tasks efficiently
  • Divides tasks according to projects and department
  • Sorts, edits and adds files in real time
Online Document Management System
  • Organizes contracts, annexes and other important documents in one place
  • Provides team members with access to documents in real time
Real-time Reporting
  • Collects real-time information from existing systems
  • Creates personalized reports based on your needs
Time and Attendance System
  • Plans your work time – creates reports and time sheets
  • Keeps clear records of working hours – keeps records of holidays
  • Sends notifications
  • Helps calculate salaries
Software Integration
  • Eliminates human error
  • Streamlines work
  • Optimizes business processes and increases productivity
  • Saves your employees more time for important tasks

People are talking

The team was a joy to work with and quick, friendly with precise communication. Clean and proficient code, along with well thought out execution. Already planning future projects with them! 🙂
David S.
Stefan Did a great job for me, he was very professional and accomplished exactly what I need in a very timely manner.
Rick C.
The Unix course from Brunomag was excellent! Not only did I gain technical knowledge, but also a friend (in Stefan).
The course did more than just giving me useful commands, but started with the history of Linux, went over the various flavors, had some great labs and even covered scripting. Although I was only able to attend half of the classes, Stefan made sure I got the most out of it, by explaining to me all the missing information in the last day.
Great course, thanks for offering it!
Emilia S.
Stefan delivers professional training by paying attention and being patient with the participants. He is empathetic and succeeds to communicate a comprehensive message.
Adrian S.
I’ve had an excellent collaboration with Stefan. He understood clearly the context, all the entities implied and helped us understand and solve the issue quickly. I recommend!
Irina D.
Amazing work. Clear communication A+
Roger C.
Stefan did a great job building a new custom widget and uploading content for one of our premier clients. He is very detailed oriented, communicates well, and I would definitely considering hiring him again. Thanks Stefan!
Bryan M.

Support for different types of businesses

Small and medium enterprises
Production companies
Logistics companies
Construction and Real Estate
Human resources and management
Professional services

We improve processes cross-company


For the company
Access real-time reporting on costs, productivity and profit. Decide with less stress, based on real data.
For Top Management
Get a clear overview of your team, projects and deadlines.
For the Team
Better organize your tasks and work more efficiently.
Get promoted more easily and increase your chances of getting a pay raise.

Our process

Online meeting
Meet with a tech consultant to discuss your needs.
We implement a pilot project on each department.
You get access to training for your employees for the implemented systems.
We provide support throughout the project through dedicated calls and meetings and suggest improvements if necessary.